Bridal Makeup

What makes Bridal Makeup different?

Bridal Makeup is very detailed. Not only must it withstand heat and tears, but also be as beautiful in real life as it is in photographs. As a professional artist, it is my job to perfect your skin and blur any imperfections. The camera picks up on dry patches, blotchiness, fine lines and blemishes, and it requires much detail and correct product placement to eliminate any imperfections. Just as the camera picks up on every detail the makeup to the human eye must not be heavy but seamless and light mimicking real skin. 

Bridal makeup is different from makeup we wear in everyday life and it will also translate differently in each setting of lighting throughout your special day. From indoor to outdoor lighting, flash and dim evening photography, Bridal Makeup is unique and requires advanced skill and a trained eye to be applied properly. As a trained professional artist, my years working with real women, in print, being educated on lighting and how makeup translates on film and in HD I have created a unique application technique for Bridal Makeup.