Airbrush Makeup

Airbrushing is an acquired skill that is difficult to master. When done correctly, it mimics the skin and has a beautiful glow. I specialize in Airbrush Makeup and have created a custom blended technique where I mix colors and mixing mediums into the airbrush gun to create a beautiful dewy, satin, silk, or matte finish. The beauty with airbrush is that, not only can I control the coverage for each clients preference, but also the finish of the makeup. Many love the powder finish, and most love the dewy finish of foundation. 

Airbrush Makeup is crease, water, and sweat resistant. The formula I custom blend has a 12-14 hour wear and can last throughout the evening on the dance floor. The fine mist of airbrush Makeup is applied through a small airbrush gun attached to an air compressor. The application is incredibly soothing, and the airbrush is barely detected by the human eye at first - again, it takes special training to correctly airbrush skin to flawless perfection!